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L. Kyazimova

Problems of national symphonism on the boundary of the third millennium: opinions, appraisals, prognoses

The crisis of the «Great style» and the genre of the «Great symphony» in academic musical culture on the boundary of the XX–XXIst centuries in the light of opinions by the distinguished Azerbaijan composers-symphonists (Q. Qarayev, Ch. Mirza-zade, A. Melikov) and prominent musicologists from the ex-USSR is elucidated in the article. The author characterizes the priority tendencies of the named genre development in the mentioned period: the return to programness and Romantic «pithiness» (The Sixth, Seventh and Eighth symphonies by J. Hajiyev), inclination for «alliance with the word» in channel of the late symphonism by G. Mahler and D. Shostakovich (The Eighth symphony by A. Melikov), postmodernist «reflexion of genre» (symphonies «Tristessa I» and «Tristessa II» by F. Qarayev). The non-transient importance of symphony as genre – «representative of Person» in the national musical culture – is marked.

Key words

crisis of «Great style», genre of symphony, Azerbaijan symphonism, Q. Qarayev, J. Hajiyev, A. Melikov, Ch. Mirza-zade, F. Qarayev.