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A. Smetannikova

Rabis and its role in administration of music artistic practice in Rostov-on-Don (1919–1924)

The article characterizes the aims and purposes of the All-Russian Rabis Union (Vserabis) – a professional association of culture and art workers that appeared nearing the end of the Civil War. Different approaches to administration of music artistic practice using by Rostov branch of Vserabis for a period of 1919–1924 are elucidated by the author. According to the official policy of Soviet power the arts without fail had to aim at clearness and simplicity for the ordinary Soviet man, to consolidate and propagandize ideas of Communism. At the same time, in spite of mentioned strict creative limitations, Rabis tried to defend professional and pecuniary interests of its members coming for them as guarantor of social stability. The article analyses the Rostov branch of Vserabis interrelations with the town intelligentsia, reviews the results of its five-year work. The author assesses activities of the named Union in Rostov-on-Don as a whole.

Key words

All-Russian Union Rabis, Rostov department of Vserabis, administration of artistic practice, cultural patronage, charitable concerts.