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N. Mescheryakova

An education of the singer-actor: at the crossroads of academic subjects

The article elucidates a wide range of questions which are connected with the barest problem of national peculiarity preservation conformably to Russian vocal school. The author characterizes the crucial mission of contemporary vocal pedagogues that are called to train the technically equipped and artistically well-developed professionals within the precincts of the conservatoire. In this connection a stimulating role of new educational subjects («Study of opera parts», «Perfection of vocal mastery», etc.) which approve the priority importance of didactic unity principle in conformity with vocal-technique and artistic aims is marked. The perfect incarnation of this principle is the artistic conception by F. Chaliapin who enunciated the alliance of vocal mastery and historical-psychological truth. The author applies to the artistic heritage by L. Sobinov and establishes the necessity of convincing representation with respect to vocal as well as dramatic content of opera image. The significance of purposeful formed educational repertoire with vocal miniature as one of leading components is underlined in the article. The young singer joining the chamber performing art becomes proficient in bases of «an active singing» (A. Pazovsky) and learns the native traditions of «intoning theatre» (V. Bogdanov-Berezovsky). The last is interpreted in the performing heritage by F. Chaliapin, L. Sobinov, A. Panaeva, N. Koshits, M. Olenina-d’Algeim, Z. Dolukhanova and other famous masters. In the opinion by the author, the summit achievements of Russian coryphaei may be the fertile soil which raises new creative shoots as well today.

Key words

singer-actor, vocal education, F. Chaliapin, «active singing», L. Sobinov, «intonation theatre», chamber vocal performing art, M. Oleninad’Algeim.