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G. Kaloshina

Opera diptych «Anna and Marina Passions» by Leonid Klinichev

The article is devoted to one of the musical-theatrical works which are recently completed by the Rostov composer Leonid Klinichev. The author of the article examines the opera diptych «Anna and Marina Passions» from a position of indissoluble connection between their imaginative-emotional order and basic dramaturgical and composition features. In particular the plot base of the cycle which is bounded up with a life and creative activity of the XXth century great Russian poets Anna Akhmatova and Marina Tsvetaeva is analysed in detail. The defined musical work is considered by the researcher from the standpoint of the polygenre theatre. The dramaturgical peculiarities of the mentioned cycle inherent in different genres (to begin with individually realized Christian, or religious-philosophical, tragedy) are revealed. The author of the article draws a parallel between traditional musical passions and «Anna and Marina Passions». The analysis of musical content, dramaturgy and symbolic layers of the diptych corresponds with the materials from letters, diaries, poems by Anna Akhmatova and Marina Tsvetaeva, one way or another involved in the artistic space of the named work.

Key words

L. Klinichev, musical theatre, opera, diptych «Anna and Marina Passions», A. Akhmatova, M. Tsvetaeva, Christian tragedy.