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V. Ushenin

Mikhail Vnukov (to the 100th anniversary of his birth)

The article is devoted to the famous Don musician, the pedagogue and bayan player Mikhail Vnukov (1915–1996) whose personal contribution to the making and development of bayan and folk-orchestral performing art in Don region, forming of the original bayan-training method conformably to young instrumentalists education at a child music school is highly significant. M. Vnukov was a trainer at the Rostov Music M. Ippolitov-Ivanov School for a period of about half a century. More than 130 pupils were his school-leavers many of which chose music as the profession. The author of the article emphasizes the most important stages of the creative road that was traveled by M. Vnukov and characterizes the priority pedagogical lines and principal achievements of the latter in the elucidative and organization-methodic work. The special attention is paid to the purposeful development of traditions that were laid by the eminent pedagogue-enthusiast in the professional activities of his learners, the well-known musicians-performers, teachers, methodologists.

Key words

M. Vnukov, bayan/accordion performing art at the Don region, bayan-training method, the Don teachers – bayan/accordion players.