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M. Siksimova

From the history of the pre-revolutionary Tsaritsyn choral culture

The author of the article examines insufficiently known explored facts connected with formation and development of choral culture in Tsaritsyn on the boundary of the XIX–XXth centuries. Researcher appeals to new archive materials which didn’t attract local-lore specialists’ attention to this day. The unknown pages of local choir collectives’ creative activities – for example, performances of the United choir of Tsaritsyn Chant Charitable Society, the Artistic Chapel under V. G. Zavadsky’s and I. M. Peregudov’s baton, the Russian Concert Choir (choirmaster K. Lange) etc. – deal by the researcher. She points out the artistic-enlightening function of the sacred choir concerts in conformity with the selected region. The tradition of composite Tsaritsyn sacred performances excites a particular interest. The researcher characterizes theirs concert programs and bring out the role of regiment choirs in the named performances. At the same time, a process of formation with respect to the basic elements of the music professional education system in Tsaritsyn is considered in the article. In the author’s opinion, the Tsaritsyn branch of Imperial Russian Music Society and the Music Classes founded to the latter actively promoted this process. In this context, the pedagogical activity by J. Yakovlev-Strel’tsov, the chairman of the Chant charitable society and the teacher of solo and choral singing in Tsaritsyn music classes, is drawn by the researcher.

Key words

Tsaritsyn Chant Charitable Society, sacred concert, V. G. Zavadskiy, I. M. Peregudov, Music classes to the Tsaritsyn branch of Imperial Russian Music Society, J. Yakovlev-Strel’tsov.