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F. Shak

Social-cultural characteristics of the audience of Russian rock

The social-cultural gradations in conformity with historical development of the Soviet and Western rock music are dealt in the article. Some specific levels of the rock audience endowed with the marginal qualities are characterized. The author identifies a particular category of listeners whose perceptions of various rock-music style offshoots was predetermined by the set of idealistic notions, a priori formed and frequently based on the primacy of non-conformism. One of the remarkable features of the named audience was a categorical enmity of the vocal-instrumental ensembles that were legitimated by the official Soviet culture. The article displays the common character of self-identification peculiar to the named category of listeners in the West and in the USSR with the certain collection of views conformably to art. The author accentuates a special literature-centrism existed in the Russian music and caused the spirit value orientation of the own country audience and the directions of the Soviet music «self-publishing» activities. Besides that some tendencies inherent in the post-Soviet period of the rock music development are marked by the researcher. The «changing of landmarks» in the frames of mind with respect to Russian adherents of this popular-cultural sphere is established.

Key words

rock music, popular music, subculture, popular culture, underground, «Russian rock», non-conformism.