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A. Bragin

«New poetics» of sound creation in guitar music (the genre of quartet as an example)

A «New poetics» as a system of art methods of thinking in the ensemble instrumental performing art is dealt in the article. The researcher characterizes contemporary pieces for quartet of guitars and strives to identify most important factors which are furthered the formation of the «New poetics». A sound (in its «first-born» aspect) became a basic element of the artistic conception. The drastic influence of the «New poetics» on a listener entails a transformation of composer thinking and performing means of expression (phonation, facture, and dynamics). The author emphasizes following tendencies anticipated the appearance of the «New poetics» in contemporary guitar music: synthesis of academic and non-academic traditions, the combination of guitar styles and schools, use of innovative notations and actual techniques of composer account manner. Reviewing the named phenomena the researcher asserts the «New poetics» formed as a system of art values and ways of thinking. It continues to develop (in the direction of its innovative way) the most important principles of contemporary music. The chamber works by American and Ukrainian composers (R. Maguire, R. Cameron-Wolf, D. Smoke, D. Bocharov) are the artistic examples considered in the article.

Key words

contemporary guitar music, «new poetics», synthesizing tendencies, guitar quartet, R. Maguire, R. Cameron-Wolf, D. Smoke, D. Bocharov.