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А. Помазкин, А. Буряков

Александр Степанович Данилов: неподведённые итоги

The article is carried in connection with the 70th birthday of Alexander S. Danilov. He is one of the national folk-instrumental art leading representatives in the second half of the XXth and early in the XXIst centuries, the celebrated masterly balalaika performer, talented composer, the most authoritative pedagogue, the founder of the Don academic-performing string-plucked instrumental school. The authors characterize the most important achievements by A. Danilov at the concert stage, emphasize the priority aims of the remarkable musician in the academic balalaika repertoire (such as a successive connection with classical traditions, conceptuality, novelty of expressive means, using of modern techniques and devices of composition). The broadly wellknown works for balalaika by A. Danilov are dealt in the article; these works are available now in the concert programs of majority of the Russian performers. His personal contribution to the development of high-school training methods for playing string folk instruments is noted; A. Danilov’s educational principles furthering to the utmost a professional advance of young musicians are brought out. The authors of the article focus their attention on the managerial and organizational-creative activities by the jubilee person. The one had been the head of Rostov Musical-Pedagogical Institute – Rostov S. V. Rachmaninov Conservatoire for a period of 25 years, and has favoured promotion of the named institution in the line of the greatest Russian higher professional education centres.

Key words

Alexander S. Danilov, balalaika, musical-performing art, concert activities, Rostov Conservatoire.