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Texts of motets by G. Frescobaldi. Translation from Latin, introductory article and commentaries by S. Kozlykina

The publication represents the translations from Latin into Russian of the texts of 18 remained motets by the greatest Italian composer of the early Baroque epoch Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583–1643). The account of translations is guided by the bilingual principle which furthers to correlate the Latin origins with their Russian equivalents precisely. This «parallelism» is conditioned by the addressing of the named work to musicologists-researchers and professional performers gravitating towards the interpretation of early music from the historically competent position. The mentioned publication is anticipated by the introductory article and the brief commentaries which are belonged to the author of the translation. In particular the most important peculiarities of the motet genre evolution for a period of the 1700–1750s are characterized. The works by G. Frescobaldi are among the so-called motets concertato (concert motets) – vocal pieces for one or several voices and continuo. Besides that, Biblical texts assumed as a basis of musical-poetical compositions; names of religious feasts and periods (conformably to the Catholic Church year) corresponding to the performance of one or another chant; a possible liturgical predestination of every motet (in a composition of Mass or Office services), etc. are listed by the author.

Key words

G. Frescobaldi, motet genre, early Baroque, motet concertato, «Liber secundus diversarum modulationum», bilingual principle.