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V. Ushenin

The actual heritage (towards the 40th anniversary of the ensemble «Kalinka» foundation)

The article is devoted to the laureate of the All-Russian competition, ensemble of Russian folk instruments «Kalinka» – one of leading collectives of the country. This ensemble made a significant contribution to the development of the academic school in the native Russian folk instruments performing art (1980–1990s). The author characterizes the historical preconditions conformably to making of the ensemble, such as professionalization of the folk instrumental art in the region (and in the all country too), formation of the appropriate musical-educational system («school – college – high school»), an active encouragement of the newly-made collectives from mass media, etc. The most important landmarks of the «Kalinka»’s creative «biography» (tour routes, participations in prestigious competitions and festivals, the discography and the formed «exclusive» repertoire) are reviewed. A special attention is paid to the named collective as a «school» of chamber instrumental mastership. The author represents the laconic «portrait » of the ensemble from a position of «broadly interpreted universalism of a musician-performer». The well-known folk-instrumental collectives from Don supported by the professional experience and artistic achievements of «Kalinka» are enumerated. The many-sided pedagogic and scholar-methodical work of the musicians from this ensemble in the region is elucidated. In opinion of the researcher all the said is favourable to the actuality of the creative heritage by «Kalinka» in the XXIst century.

Key words

«Kalinka», mixed ensembles of Russian folk instruments, academic sphere of musical art, universalism of a musician-performer.