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А. Chepinoga

Problems of education of the contemporary producer of opera theatre

The greatly actual problem of contemporary opera producer formation is noted in the article. The researcher is of the opinion that appropriate educational process at the theatrical and musical high schools is characterized by numerous flaws. First of all, the great heritage of the XXth century opera production didn’t comprehend or creatively interpreted in artistic practice of our days and in pedagogic technologies. A falsely comprehended «progressism» at the education of the opera producers to be is correlated with formally grasped and mechanically reproduced «fashionable trends» of the foreign musical theatre. Besides that, in newest conceptions of opera producers there is too frequently retraced an absence of the proper attention to value reference-points of a person. It is depended on the «indifferent» aims of professional education that was factually kept itself from world-outlook bases of the humanitarian pedagogy. In conclusion, the contemporary approaches to the teaching of musical theatre producers to be are notable for the deficiency as applied to the lucid and clear methods of effectual analysis conformably to the opera score. The terminological apparatus of such analysis is pretty often founded as confusing, non-regulated, devoid of the functional orientation. The researcher ascertains a presence of the essential interactions between the enumerated tendencies which influence on the opera producing practice in the XXIst century and the state of the native high-school education in this sphere.

Key words

musical theatre, opera producing, effectual analysis of the opera score, producer’s conception of the opera performance.