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O. Lapteva

«Russian Pictures» by M. Fuksman as the «experimental» opus for orchestra of folk Russian instruments (a foreshortening of performing art)

The article is devoted to one of the priority spheres of work by the well-known Rostov composer Michael Fuksman (born 1964). This sphere includes music (dated the 2000–2010s) for orchestra of folk Russian instruments. The researcher characterizes the general «experimental» orientation of the artistic strivings by M. Fuksman which easily arranges ideas of the Second Avant-garde and Postmodern. The individual composer’s interpretation of the Russian folk orchestra produced in the works by the named author is elucidated. The original conception of the diptych «Russian Pictures» performed in Rostov-on-Don (2014–2015) with success is analyzed more minutely. The researcher brings to light the folklore sources of composer’s intention. The centre of this one is «the collective image of the Russian Woman». The first part of the cycle represents the certain side of this image connected with mourning over the dead and personified the centuries-old suffering, and «heart contrition», and inescapable solitude. The second part depicts the other side of this Woman. She portrays as the selfwilled and imperious «soothsayer», sovereign of the elements, which possesses a concealed knowledge of «the Universe mysteries». The author of the article gives a special attention to diverse performing problems appearing in the process of the rehearsal work and the concert-stage realization of the «Russian Pictures» with the forces of the training (high-school) folk-instrumental orchestra.

Key words

orchestra of Russian folk instruments, M. Fuksman, «experimental» direction, diptych «Russian Pictures».