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S. Nesterov

The cycle of Etudes and Caprices by P. Rode in the context of the history of the genre

In the article the caprices by Rode are at the first time considered to be a single cycle of miniatures in comparison with the masterpiece by Paganini in the context of the romantic miniatures’ formation. It is proved that 24 caprices by Rode are passed through with the lines of the seven intonation-thematic areas, united by leit-genres and leit-dances, as well as textured links. Heroic and strong-willed images are characterized by distinguished oratorical pathos, fanfare, vigorous dotted rhythm, relying on bursts of passages figurations of various character. Miniature of the scherzo sphere are graceful and masterly, they are to develop the idea of perpetum mobile, while including various types of technique. The contemplative sphere is presented in the first themes of 1st, 9th, 13th and 19th caprices, where the ecstatically rich melodic line is accompanied by a flowing lacy waves. Elegiac and melancholic sphere with romance-song themes evolves into the tragic one. Several pieces are permeated by the interaction of contrast micro-elements. They are characterized by the principle of unpredictability and fluidity of the development process in presenting the material, as well as overcoming of the form partition. The second type of pieces is associated with the dialectic of state and development: contrasting images in a composite two-part form, as well as in sonata and rondo pieces. The antithesis of the dur-moll pair forms a single structure. The patterns of the structures of each piece and the sonate being the higher order form of the whole cycle are revealed in the article.

Key words

capriccio, P. Rode, improvisation, symphonicism.