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V. Krivezhenko

The philosophical and literary basis of the spiritual cantatas by F. Liszt and its influence on the genre specificity

This article focuses on one of the least studied areas of creativity of F. Liszt and spiritual cantatas «St. Cecilia» and «Hymn to the sun of St. Francis of Assisi». The author traces the interrelation of philosophical and religious views of the composer and an appeal to the text of the literary original sources of cantatas. Elaborates on the specific content and structural features of the libretto, the genre revealed a multipartite verbal text of the cantata «Hymn to the Sun of St. Francis of Assisi», shows the influence of literary genres cantatas on their musical embodiment in connection with the peculiarities of the composition, the application of the monothematic principle of development in «The Legend of St. Cecilia », which was the basis of the Gregorian theme. The author pays special attention to the genre prototypes of both cantatas, pointing to the different genetic origins of the writings. Thus, the «Saint Cecilia » was created in support of the Italian tradition with the leading role of Opera arias, and «Hymn to the Sun of St. Francis of Assisi» – in German spiritual concert, despite the fact that the prototype of the genre works were melodic Italian lauda. The researcher identified the genre of the interaction and combination of the principles of instrumental and Opera generalizations in the cantatas, to meet fully their artistic concepts.

Key words

genre, the cantata, lauda, anthem.