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M. Bogdanova, M. Chernaya

Epic tunes from the collection by Kirsha Danilov and traditions of Northern bylina melodies

The article deals with a question of connection between bylina folksongs in Kirsha Danilov’s anthology The Ancient Russian Poems and the traditional Northern Russian bylina folksongs. The specifics of Northern epic chants, the bylina folksongs’ geographical range and the compositional features of the songs from the anthology are looked through. Bylinas from the voluminous material of Kirsha Danilov’s anthology were published numerously before. But the immediate connection with the Northern Russian traditional folksongs in terms of structure shaping and other important attributes and factors signifying their origins remained to be overlooked. The tasks were reached in the indication of research methods of the chant correlation, in the analysis of the existing materials in the aspects of confirmation of melodic and rhythmic similarity with the account of performing specifics; in proving the tirade form and structure of chants with the account of historical-geographical and stylistiс development of the epic material and so on. The discovered tirade form of chants performed by Kirsha, basing on the universal chant of various folksong lyrics, signifies the Belomor, Zaonezh and Karelia types of singing, which the anthology songs’ musical and rhythmical structure is based on. As a result, it is confirmed, that, according to the research data, the chants belong to a larger class of songs – the bylina songs of Northern Russian tradition.

Key words

skomorokhi, Kirsha Danilov, skomorokhi songs, Russian North folk ballads (bylinas), heroic epic songs, dance songs and tunes, strophic passage structure.