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D. Muedinov

The extended techniques of trumpet sound release: the history and the present

The article is dedicated to the extended techniques of trumpet sound release. The history of development of the trumpet extended performance techniques is studied. Samples of mute usage we can see in a several works of modern authors such as C. Monteverdi, P. J. Vejvanovský are shown. On the basis of the analysis of the M. Mersenne’s work «Harmonie universelle» the peculiarities of performance techniques of mouthpiece buzzing and its usage in performance practice in the 17th century are reviled. The main directions of the extended techniques development of trumpet performance in contemporary musicians’ performance – M. Blaauw, J. Hassell, R. Mehta, are depicted. Analyzing the technology of performance of a bazing on a pipe and its practical application in the European and east music. There are a lot of various receptions of an instrumental and voice sound generation by means of a mouthpiece and separate parts of an instrument, and also ways formation the multifonnykh of accords are shown.

Key words

trumpet, sound, extended performance techniques, mute, buzzing, M. Blaauw, J. Hassell, R. Mehta.