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T. Frantova

Meetings with the recent distant past (reflections on the two fragments of A. Schnittke’s letters to M. Ozhigova)

The article is devoted to the general characteristic of the correspondence between the outstanding Russian composer A. Schnittke and M. Ozhigova, his first student in the class of composition, at Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory. The article contains information about the history of correspondence and about the pedagogical activities of M. Ozhigova after finishing her Conservatory studies; she devoted herself to teaching musicaltheoretical subjects in musical colleges and since 1972 in Rostov State Rakhmaninov Conservatory. The article provides a historical reconstruction and analytical interpretation of events, reflected in the texts of letters (based on the analysis of text fragments of some letters), gives a brief description of studies on theoretical subjects, conducted by A. Schnittke (based on M. Ozhigova’s memories). The main source for this writing were the manuscripts (A. Schnittke’s letters, M. Ozhigova’s memories), which are currently being prepared for publication.

Key words

A. Schnittke, M. Ozhigova, letters, manuscript, teacher, schoolgirl.