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F. Ulmasov

About metric and rhythmical vertical line and some forms of its implementation in Eastern monody

The thesis about vertical line as the simultaneous correlation of the elements postulates in the article. This correlation serves as attributive parameter of structuring conformably to any musical process, including the monodic one. The author notes that all the intonation and logical connections inherent in music are formed and function in the process of perception and thinking, which attends to music reproduction (creation) and hearing. Over and above this process there are no discovered autonomous intonation structures that are raised by interactions of sounds. The researcher differentiates two aspects of the mentioned phenomenon comprehending. The internal aspect is relevant to the brain activity and the external aspect depends on music practice. The interaction of the named plans is always carried out in simultaneity. The internal plan is bound up with the implementation of the logical relationship between the pitch elements and the coordination their process formation. This formation is realized by means of the external plan and appears as the main function of the latter. The interconditionality and unity of these two plans assume the definite type of interaction; owing to it the vertical and horizontal parameters are only in unity which the birth of a meaningful music processing. The initial representative of this interaction is some attending of measure and rhythm that is defined as metric and rhythmical vertical line. The commensurating and regulating functions of measure are realized here in the internal plan of the brain activity, while processing deployment of rhythmical units is concentrated in the external plan of musical practice. The researcher characterizes the different forms of modeling as applied to structural features of the mentioned line in the pitch and rhythmical spheres.

Key words

metric and rhythmical vertical line, Eastern monody, external and internal plans of perception and thinking, musical process.