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A. Khafizova

About composer’s interpretations of the verse «Angel» by A. Pushkin in the vocal cycles by C. Cui, N. Medtner and B. Britten

This article is devoted to comparative analysis of composer’s interpretations the verse «Angel» in the vocal cycles «Twenty-Five Verses by A. Pushkin» op. 57 by C. Cui, «Six Verses by A. Pushkin» op. 36 by N. Medtner, «The Poet’s Echo» ор. 76 by B. Britten. The analytical approach used by the author in conformity with the above-named interpretations is connected with the profound comprehending features of A. Pushkin’s creative process and imaginative-semantic intentions of the concrete poetical text which are following from these features and recreated by composers. A key part in the suitable analytical description is assigned to the criteria of selection as applied to a certain verse with regard for individually appraised prerequisites of its musical interpretation. The other paramount principle of research is conditioned by the functional role and situation of the examined romance in either vocal cycle. As the author of article thinks C. Cui recreates the mentioned verse in the most «classical» way by revealing the genre sources of A. Pushkin’s text and interpreting the «quasi-Bible» plot of the verse with a proper relief. N. Medtner on the contrary gravitates towards an integrated-lyrical approach of «Angel», and B. Britten interprets the chose verse with dramatic emphasizing, in opera plan, basing upon the system of musical-poetic «interactions» similar to leitmotif one.

Key words

A. Pushkin, composer’s interpretation of a verse, vocal cycle, romance, C. Cui, N. Medtner, B. Britten.