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D. Rubtsova

Instrumental quartet as a genre-style phenomenon

The article is devoted to theoretical judgment of a quartetness phenomenon as principle of musical thinking and genre-style one. Generic features of a chamber instrumentalism genre system are revealed and systematized, within which string quartet possesses one of the leading and historically steady places. The historiography of a quartet genre is tracked in the main stages. His sources go back to the concerting Baroque style, and the trio sonata as the first sample of the academic chamber instrumentalism. In the article some definition of quartet style in his constant parameters and composer-performing attributes is offered, and also the «variable» stylistic realizations of this style connected with factors of epochs, national schools, individual creative works of composers and performers are classified. The mobile nature of quartet style is emphasized. Keeping the constants, it is capable to adapt itself to new aesthetics-artistic requirements and tasks flexibly. A research novelty of the article is defined at first by the represented generalization of knowledge concerning the studied quartetness and string quartet problems. Secondly, it should be noted the system and category definition of these phenomena as initial moments for studying of various samples of the quartet music in the stylistic plan created during different eras and on different styles or musical language bases.

Key words

chamber instrumental music, string quartet, quartet style, national features of quartet style.