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V. Demina

Memorable dates of military victories, given from the icons of The Most Holy Mother of God, in liturgical singing practice

The article is devoted to the problems of studying the memory about the Russian soldiers' victories, gained under the patronage of the Most Holy Mother of God, which is being preserved in the liturgical singing practice of the Orthodox Church. The objective of the article is to define how the features of the Services in honor of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God are reflected in musical and poetic texts. Such Services were hold in the memory of the victories over the Horde by Vladimir and Moscow Russia; they demonstrate the continuity of the liturgical tradition from the XIVth to the XXIst century. The author studies historical texts of liturgical books and their implementation in the liturgical song tradition of the Don old believers of the Svyato-Pokrovsky parish in Rostov-on-Don. Also the article identifies their features, manifested in the interpretation of canonical texts in today’s culture. The decoding and the analysis of the examples of the recorded service songs show that liturgical singing is based on playing and singing the poetic texts of the old believer Church books, which are performed with the use of “the hooks” and “strain” old believers’ church notation.

Key words

Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God, liturgical practice, the Don old believers.