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D. Zhivov

Musical action in film musical

Musical action is a specific element which is obligatory for film musical. It is exactly a presence of musical action differs film musicals from movies of other genres. It is obvious that detailed understanding of functions, types and characteristics of musical action is a remarkable precondition for a productive work of a script writer in the sphere of film musical. The author of the article proposes a trial of systematization conformably to published analytic observations about musical action in appropriate movies and scrutinizes some examples of the mentioned action from well-known film musicals. It furthers to elucidate the essential composition and substantial features of this action, its role in the dramaturgy development of a whole, etc. A special attention is given to principles of initiating musical action in a film musical. The researcher emphasizes basic variants of initiating musical action by the characters of the film. Furthermore the functional potentialities of music which enable the author to appeal to a spectator on a subconscious level setting aside the «filter» of logic thinking are described. The possible approaches of on-screen and off-screen music sources realization are examined. The dramatic structure of a music scene is defined by the researcher, and optimum variants of dramatic action development in a musical scene are outlined, proceed from total and non-total submission of the named action to the music appropriateness. The general characteristics of the musical action in film musicals are generated in the conclusion of the article.

Key words

music cinema, film musical, musical action, film script, music scene in a film musical.