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I. Belonosova

Oleg Prostitov: strokes to the portrait

A creative image of the composer O. Prostitov – our contemporary – arouses the special interest, because a comprehension of appropriate information enables to enrich our notion about the native music life of the late decades. Proceed from lack of the extended publications regarding to the creative work of Siberia composers (in particular the Krasnoyarsk territory) during many years, this problem takes on doubtless actuality. Owing to studying documents, research articles and materials of the press, the analysis of manuscripts of the majority works by O. Prostitov which are available today and the personal conversations with the composer it has become possible to highlight in more details various periods of the prominent artist’s of our day biography. The author of the presented article reveals the typical genre priorities of O. Prostitov’s creative work, appreciates his personal role in the formation and improvement of composer education in Krasnoyarsk, as well as in the making and subsequent productive activity of the regional Union of composers, expansion of the active «dialogue» of the professional elite and wide listenership with music by contemporary authors, including the composers of Siberia. In the researcher’s opinion, the examined events in O. Prostitov’s creative biography are clearly evidence of the significant role in the cultural and musical life of the Krasnoyarsk region and Russia in whole.

Key words

musical culture of Siberia, Krasnoyarsk Union of composers, «Siberia festivals of modern music», Krasnoyarsk Institute of Arts.