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I. Kodenko

Actuality of Baroque music interpretations in contemporary cultural space (using the materials of «Early Music» journal)

The article is devoted to the contemporary problems of Baroque music performance. These problems are presented in the light of authoritative specialists perceptions. On the basis of foreign periodicals learning (first of all the materials published by «Early Music» journal) the ways of historically competent performing art formation and development in Europe of the second half of the XXth – beginning the XXIst century are revealed. The named sphere of performing art as an object of scholar reflection is based on the relevant requirements of the historical poetics typical of the Baroque period. A trustworthy re-creation of Baroque music stylistics, convincing interpretation of ancient works are bounded up with a deep study of numerous treatises and manuals dating from this period, re-construction of ancient instruments, comprehension the features of music language, and analysis of the concrete pieces in detail. The author of the article substantiates the necessity of subsequent development and popularization conformably to performing historical and authentic method as the significant constituent of contemporary sound environment and cultural landscape of the XXIst century. «Early Music» journal is estimated by the researcher as a field of productive dialogue furthering actualization of ancient music in the music culture of our day. The question is a specifics of listeners’ perception («here and now»), selection of some optimum decisions in performing interpretation of musical works appertained to bygone times etc.

Key words

performing interpretation, historically competent performing art, music of Baroque period, «Early Music» journal.