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O. Shapoval

«Fidelio» by L. van Beethoven and «The Flying Dutchman» by R. Wagner: author’s concepts of «salvation opera»

The article considers with the characters of the operas «Fidelio» by L. van Beethoven and «The Flying Dutchman» by R. Wagner from the point of view of typological relationship. Semantic pairs of opera personages are discovered: Leonora – Senta, Florestan – Dutchman, Rocco – Daland. The main heroines of operas define the heroic of spirit and selflessness. The motive behind their actions is Love. Florestan and Dutchman are the characters, the soul of which is torn apart by torments of hell. Rocco and Daland are practical philistines, the characters who originate from the genre of singspiel. Typological relationship of opera heroes is reflected in their musical characteristics. An important role in the works is played by the love triangle which has a conceptual meaning in the «Flying Dutchman», and adds life’s authenticity to outline of the situation in «Fidelio». The system of social and ethical values, being actualized in the operatic work by L. van Beethoven, combines heroic pathos with a deep faith in God’s craft, which is also characteristic for the work of his great descendant. The dramatic vector of both operas is connected with the solution of critical situation: it results in the realistic perspective (in the work by L. van Beethoven) or in mystery, due to the idea of redemption (in the work by R. Wagner). One of the brightest performers of the parties of Leonora and Senta was the contemporary of L. van Beethoven and R. Wagner V. Schroeder-Devrient. Her versions in the interpretation of these operatic characters describe the indissoluble unity of the acting and singing intonation, the sharply expressive «tone» of the utterance. The performance of V. Schroeder-Devrient points to the typological relationship of the characters by L. van Beethoven and R. Wagner and at the same time their unique originality.

Key words

typological relationship, semantic pairs of operatic characters, dramaturgic vector, situation of a love triangle, system of social and ethical values.