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F. Revenko

Pedagogical principles of Leonid Iosifovich Israilevich

The article is devoted to pedagogical activity of Leonid I. Izraelevich, who was the first professor of wind and percussion instruments at Rostov State S. V. Rachmaninov Conservatoire. Being a student of Izrailevich, the author gives the facts, drawn from personal conversations with the composer, highlights the most important stages of the creative path passed by his teacher. The article gives a brief biographical note about the teachers of Izrailevich himself and other musicians who directly influenced the composer’s fate and formed his musician professional qualities. The main pedagogical methods and methods in the activity of Professor Izrailevich for training professional trumpeters are analyzed. Examples of individual approach to pupils are given, attention is focused on the repertoire policy of the teacher, some instructive teaching methods, in particular, scales and arpeggios on seventh chords, sound reception methods, for example vibrato. The author believes that the pedagogical approaches and aesthetic views of L. I. Izrailevich are generally based on the best traditions of the national wind performing school. The vitality and fruitfulness of Izrailevich’s pedagogical methods is proved by the author’s many years pedagogical experience. This article was not only a research paper, but also written in tribute to the deep respect, warmth, gratitude and the author’s kind memory to his teacher.

Key words

Leonid Iosifovich Izrailevich, Professor, educator, teacher, trumpet, guidance material, scales, etudes, concert repertoire, Rostov State S. V. Rachmaninov Conservatoire.