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N. Mutter

Formation of the folk-singer’s repertoire

The article examines the questions regarding to the contemporary folk-singing soloist’s repertoire. The principles of selection of educational material are outlined in respect to its importance for the development of vocal-performing abilities and the creation of an individual stage image of a singer. The article justifies the importance of studying folklore (the basis of the repertoire), which has a high artistic value, and substantiates the significance of author’s works, which require more perfect vocal technique and possession of other singing methods. The article outlines the main provisions of the repertory policy at the Department of Solo Folk Singing of the Rostov State S. V. Rachmaninov Conservatoire. The article analyzes some theoretical aspects related to the practice of folk songs of different genres and arrangements, as well as author’s works being used in the teaching process.

Key words

vocal composition, performer, concert performance, singing skills and abilities, repertoire, creative activity.