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E. Alimova

Stylistic Synthesis in Vocal Cycles and Romances by E. Emir

The article examines the song-romance works by the prominent Crimean Tatar composer Elvira Emir in the context of style they belong to. The peculiarities of the composer’s individual style are revealed being exampled with “Songs for Children and Youth” and the Song based on G. Danilevsky’s poems “Bakhchisarai Night”. These stylistic features are based on national folklore traditions combined with modern stylistic concepts, namely neo-romantic and impressionistic. The author believes that vocal works by E. Emir are unique in the aspect of combining individual and traditional origins in neo-philosophical, neo-romantic and impressionistic stylistic patterns. The composer’s reliance on Crimean Tatar folklore in traditional genres of romance and song gives a unique flavor and originality to her works. As a result of the detailed analysis of a number of vocal compositions the author comes to the conclusion that vocal works by Elvira Emir are the characteristic samples of the professional Crimean Tatar vocal lyrics, which went beyond ethnography and was included in the context of the genre style inherent in the world’s leading song cultures.

Key words

Elvira Emir, vocal works, melodies by the Crimean Tatar, national style, neofolklorism, stylistic synthesis.