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M. Pliushchenko

Transcriptions by Alexander Nazarenko: Individual-Style Spectra of Genre

This article considers theoretical and practical aspects of research in the sphere of transcription genre, grounds its stylistic properties, reliance on the model of another’s work, double authorship, and action of composer’s interpretation. These issues are projected onto the timbre-texture complex in this genre as the most important factor of transcription. The material of the research is the concert arrangement by F. Lips and the transcription by A. Nazarenko that belong to one original source – the composition “Shivering Leaves” by P. Norrbak. The article is to provide the comparative analysis of the two arrangements in order to identify the distinctions between them, as well as the individual-style spectra of the transcriptions genre in the works by A. Nazarenko. At this, it is noted that in the process of creating the author’s version A. Nazarenko relied not on the original Waltz by P. Norrbak, but on the arrangement by F. Lips, this one being a work-model in this comparative analysis. Within the analysis of the two versions, various methods of research are used, besides the comparative one – they are also: interpretational analysis, considering the problems of bayan performance; genre and style analysis, which characterizes the compositional and dramatic features, genre-style specificity of musical exponents; organological analysis, contributing to the research of the specificity of the instrument, which is bayan in the context of comparing its expressive possibilities in the two works. The research resulted in the identification of the principal distinctions in methods of artistic interpretation by the two authors.

Key words

artistic interpretation, transcription genre, timbre texture complex, bayan oeuvre, bayan artistic performance.