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M. Planida

B. Tchaikovsky`s Music from the Movie “The Marriage of Balzaminov”: the Author’s Interpretation of Dramaturgical Functions

The relevance of the research topic is due to the music solution of the film “The Marriage of Balzaminov” being important for the development of Russian musical cinema. Music by B. Tchaikovsky from K. N. Voinov’s film is studied with the aim to identify composer’s approach to the correlation between the principles of screenwriting and music. In order to achieve the goal, the author gradually differences the musical material according to the signs of its conditionality by dramatic functions and correlation with the video, reveals its role in the embodiment of the plot-dramatic plan. The article characterizes the OST by areas of creativity (composer’s and quoted – national and religious one), as well as by genre (song, dance, military marching, spiritual and religious) and the extent of the transformation of the material provided by the composer (arrangement and treatment). Functions of music are identified in connection with the mode of their entrance into film (inter-screen and off-screen episodes of the music). Conclusions are drawn about the fundamentally new music solution of the comedy, created on the basis of the vaudeville dramaturgy by A. N. Ostrovsky. The novelty of the approach is evidenced by the peculiarities of the interaction between music and cinematography, such as the polyphony of music and action, the application of the principle of instrumental generalization, the development in individual music sections and the OST as a whole (leitmotif); the importance of musical component in the creation of a perfect artistic whole.

Key words

musical comedy, inter-screen and off-screen music, musical characteristics, leitmotif, instrumental synthesis.