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S. Reshetnikova

Formation of Tenor`s Amplua in the Performing Practice of Manuel del Pópulo Vicente García

In this work the author partially covers the creativity by the tenor Manuel Garcia. His legacy is little studied in Russia, so this article aims to expand the understanding of his performing arts, composer’s work and his role in the formation of the tenor amplua. Manuel Garcia is considered to be one of the most successful tenors of the early nineteenth century, he was the first performer in operas by Rossini, Manfroce, Herold. However, he worked not only as a performer of tenor parties, but also as their creator. The article focuses on the fact that the «covered manner» of singing high notes was first applied in Naples, in connection with which, the authorship of Duprez, as the pioneer of this manner, is disputed.

Key words

baritenore, tenore di forza, performing arts, Manuel Garcia.