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S. Nesterov

Sonatas for Violin Solo by I. Handoshkin as a United Metacycle

For the first time in the national musicology, the article proposed the concept of a metacycle from three sonatas for solo violin by Ivan Khandoshkin, united by a system of adjacent, arched thematic, textural, compositional connections, through the development of a number of leitcomplexes, symbols of rhetorical figures, and unity of meaningful concepts. In the concept of metacycle a historical vertical is built: Bach – Locatelli – Tartini – F. E. Bach – Mozart – Handoshkin – Paganini. Synthesizing structural, thematic, textural patterns of classical and baroque cycles of sonatas and partitas, improvised fantasies with intonational layers of domestic music, the composer creates unique solo violin cyclic compositions in composition. He reforms the principles of development, textural resources, brings together the principles of classical and baroque variation, development, Bach’s polyphonic imitations, the techniques of contemporary pianistic technique, organ music, patterns of Russian choral style. He develops his own performing style, which has absorbed textural resources, techniques and expressiveness accumulated by the German, Italian, French violin schools, and is looking for new possibilities of stroke combinations. In each sonata and in the meta-cycle as a whole, there is a process of accumulating technical difficulties from the beginning to the end of the composition.

Key words

sonata, meta-cycle, structure, leitmotif, combinations of strokes, concept.