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Yu. Mashin

From the History of the South-Russian Competition of Russian Folk Musical Instruments Orchestra Conductors (to the Problem of Music Conductor Education)

The orchestra of Russian folk instruments, like no other, has been developing since the beginning of the 20th century incredibly rapidly, constantly improving its technical and artistic capabilities. A huge role in this process belongs to the composers who created their original compositions for this type of orchestra, as well as to the conductors who were able to embody their creative ideas, and, of course, to the orchestrators who constantly enrich the educational and concert repertoire. In this regard, the education system of orchestra conductors that has developed in Russia has gone through a difficult, thorny path in recent decades. For the training of professional conductors capable of solving such complex tasks, a two-stage education system was created: the college is a university where the musicians get necessary knowledge and skills. A really great contribution to this educational system is made by conductor competitions as a creative stimulus in the development of young musicians. The South-Russian Competition of Conductors of the Russian Folk Orchestra, founded in 1997 in Rachmaninov Rostov State Conservatory continues the best traditions of Russian music conductor education. Today the Competition, advanced and improved, is called the All-Russian Open Competition of Conductors of the Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments. The nearest one will be held on 11–12 March, 2019 in Rostov-on-Don.

Key words

South-Russian Competition of Conductors, Russian Folk Orchestra, orchestral conductors, music conductor education.