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M. Khalitova

Yagya Sherfedinov’s Oeuvre in the Musical and Cultural Tradition of Crimean Tatars

The article reveals for the first time the creative image of one of the founders of the Crimean Tatar professional music of the 20th century, composer, folklorist and ethnographer Yagya Sherfedinov. The aim of the study is to analyze the vocal creativity and symphony suite of the composer, which are closely related to his biographical events, reveal the characteristic features of his works in the context of the Crimean Tatar folk music. The problem of the national in professional composer creativity is posed, the features of the vocal and instrumental style, the originality of the composer’s creative thinking are revealed. The author offers his own vision of the individual identity of the musician’s appearance, tracks the features of intonation and genre priorities. It should be noted a variety of themes and images in the choice of poetic texts, as well as the use of the metro-rhythmic diversity of the Crimean-Tatar folk music in his work. The dominant themes can be considered as the glorification of labor activities in the context of mass national holidays, as well as an appeal to the singing of tender feelings. The composer turns to various poetic texts and uses this poetry in his own way in his music. The author of this article makes the conclusions that Sherfedinov organically synthesizes elements of the Crimean-Tatar musical folklore in his vocal work. The main way of development in the works of the composer is the variant-variational method, as well as the developed vocal party, the diatonic constitution of melody, the homophonic-harmonic texture of the accompaniment, the lyrical nature of melody. The methodological basis is the study of contemporary Russian musicologists on the problem of the development of mass songs.

Key words

composer, folklore, instrumental music, mass song.