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A. Krasnoskulov

Music and Augmented Reality: on the Way to the Future

The last decades there is a process of significant changes, when digital technologies transform the models of our perception, transform how we see and hear the reality. The development of computer systems leads to the modification and enrichment of both human experience and artistic consciousness. Augmented reality, being a part of these innovations, enhances our perception of and interaction with the real world. The virtual objects (including sound and music) are the information that the user cannot get in other way than including digital objects into real environment. This paper analyze research being done in the field of augmented reality for the last 20 years, reviews current state-of-the-art in augmented reality in music. The analysis of the proceedings of international computer music conferences (ICMC and NIME) gives key approaches in the “sound augmented reality”, describes and summarizes work performed by many researches and explains problems encountered when building AR systems. This article provides a starting point for deeper research in area of interconnection between sound, music and augmented reality.

Key words

augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive music, ICMC, NIME.