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E. Yazykov

Some Questions of the Methodology of Choir Rehearsals

The purpose of this article is to identify some methodological aspects related to the peculiarities of the rehearsal work of the conductor-choirmaster with the choir. Based on the analysis of the specifics of the conductor-choirmaster, which is based on a significant difference from other types of musical performance, determined the range of methodological important areas of vocal and choral work. The main distinctive feature of choral art, as a kind of musical performance, is a collective character, so the task of the head of the choir is to create and configure an instrument consisting of living people, the instrument of which is the singing voice. The vocal apparatus of the singer is a subtle and complex mechanism, subject to various influences of both physiological and psychological order, so the choirmaster should first of all be a teacher-vocalist, well versed in the specifics of voice formation, take into account the age and physiological characteristics of the singer. He should also know the methods of vocal and choral work aimed at vocal, harmonic, dynamic and articulation ensemble, have a well-thought-out, methodically verified and adapted to the age characteristics of the participants of the collective algorithm of professional actions. The novelty of the article consists in the disclosure of the author’s technique based on years of practice with choral groups, the main purpose of which is vocal, harmonic (building a harmonic vertical) and rhythmic ensemble in the choir.

Key words

Specificity, choir, conductorchoirmaster, working methods, rehearsal process, singing voice, sound production, musical image.