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S. Stepanova

To the question of ways to examine and transmit musical folklore traditions in art culture of Buryatiya (at the turn of the 20th and 21st century)

In given article the problems of preservation and development of art traditions, ways of presenting authentic samples of musical folklore of the people of Buryatiya in modern cultural space, including the usage of ample opportunities of information technologies are investigated. Considering art culture as a special kind of activity, the author allocates the real substantial plan that allows to analyze various forms of its expression. Going deep into the substance of the set problem, we raise the question of ratio between traditions and innovations. Studying art culture of the people of Buryatiya and Eastern Siberia led the author to detection of a number of properties of substance and structure that stem from specificities of historical and social development of the region. The problem of preservation and development of art traditions implies finding solutions on a basic of a concrete material of a regional fragment of folklore tradition. Analyzing experience of leading experts in various fields of art and science, the article describes an experimental project «The Future – with Antiquity art» accomplished by the team of scientific and pedagogical community of East Siberian University of Culture with a purpose of preservation of rare samples of authentic musical folklore of Eastern Siberian nationalities, presentation of style and genre variety of musical folklore of Old Believers, western and eastern Buryats, Evenki and Tuvans. According to the purpose of the article a number of issues are presented. Firstly, they concern gathering of the national-song material spread in oral tradition; secondly, the process of recording, decoding, performance and, consequently, releasing a series of disks with a scientific annotation and musical material, presented on artistic and scientific events. The course of the further realisation of the project implies creation of modern research studio laboratory (temporary art collective) for gathering of a material, its processing, preparation for presentation, a sound recording and the publication. So, on the basis of the historical and cultural experience, modern information technologies, the article discloses ways of development and implantation of art values of musical folklore of unwritten tradition in a difficult organism of modern cultural life.

Key words

art traditions, traditional culture, music education, ways of transition, information technologies.