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Alimova E.

Genesis and “stratum” specific of the “vocal instrumental ensemble” phenomenon

The article is devoted to an analysis of the «vocal instrumental ensemble» phenomenon in theoretic, historical genetic, historical evolutional, and genre stylistic aspects. The most important components of this definition such as «ensemble» and «vocal instrumental» are сharacterised by the author who defines their interaction in relation to logic between the general and the particular. The researcher emphasises deep «syncretism» of vocal instrumental art and reveals its cultural genesis with regard to the earliest pieces from the antiquity which find different forms and modifications during the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Baroque. By taking the illustrious musical theoretical treatise of the late Middle Ages «De musica» by Johann de Grocheio as an example to be based on, the author of the article notes an obvious «predisposition» of vocal instrumental ensemble music playing to various attends and interactions with some «third stratum» (V. Konen) in European musical culture as a distant «precursor» of popular genres in the contemporary epoch. Hence the latest historical forms of vocal instrumental ensemble from the aforesaid “third stratum” (the 15th-17th centuries) are also examined. Some historical and cultural preconditions for the «rebirth» of this ensemble art variety on the boundary of the 20th century are also stated in the article as well as influences of blues, pop-music, jazz, and other genre-stylistic spheres that favoured to this process. The researcher emphasizes some actual problems connected with the modern vocal instrumental ensembles functioning under conditions of «academised» concert philharmonic system. In particular, native ensembles of the kind are inclined to the «universality» model combining different trends of «the third stratum» genre and style range (jazz rock, folk rock, popular «versions» of various folk songs and dances, or some «adaptations» of classic pieces in a «crossover spirit», etc.). Thus, a profound study of actual tendencies inherent to the development of vocal instrumental ensemble music-playing in the 21st century seems to need further development in musicology.

Key words

vocal instrumental ensemble, «third stratum» in musical culture, Johann de Grocheio, treatise «De musica», popular genres of the 20th century music, vocal instrumental ensemble musicplaying in the 1970s–1990s.

For citation

Alimova E. Genesis and “stratum” specific of the “vocal instrumental ensemble” phenomenon // South Russian Musical Anthology. 2019. N 4. PP. 99–105.