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Dabaeva I.

Ways in time of ancient russian singing art: Brazhnikovsky readings are 45 years old

The article is devoted to the problem of the music science development in the framework of an international conference on the example of the annual academic and creative Symposium “Brazhnikov readings”, organized by the Department of ancient Russian singing art of the St. Petersburg Conservatory since 1974. The celebration of the “round” date in 2019 – the 45th anniversary of the forum’s foundation allows us to sum up the results of this academic meeting.

The article highlights the work of Maxim Viktorovich Brazhnikov, in whose honour the forum has been named. Professor of the Leningrad Conservatory, musicologist, one of the founders of the science of ancient Russian singing culture, he was the founder of the scientific school of Russian musical mediaevistics, which was formed in the 1970s. His students became the organizers of the first Brazhnikov readings, which originally were in a form of conferences.

Brazhnikov readings differ in many ways from other academic events, first of all, by the reports’ subjects. Priority direction is the study of the old Russian singing tradition. Within the framework of the readings, many discoveries took place. Scientists introduce new hymns into scientific circulation, expand the source base of Russian mediaeval studies, offer and justify promising ways to study medieval musical and theoretical manuals.

The history of the Brazhnikov readings demonstrates the constant expansion of geographical boundaries and time frames of the phenomena discussed: in addition to the Russian Church singing culture, there were discussed singing traditions of other Orthodox countries, as well as the modern singing traditions of monasteries and large cathedrals.

The article discusses some features of the Brazhnikov readings organization, which can serve as an example for other academic meetings. The author highlights the topics of the sessions, participants, lectures and master classes, organization of the creative part of the Symposium, represented by performances of old Russian singing ensembles of the St. Petersburg Conservatory.

The author describes research, teaching and creative activities of the teachers from the Department of old Russian singing art of Saint Petersburg Conservatory, through which the continuity of generations is maintained and which contribute to the fruitful development of science in the framework of Brazhnikovskoe readings.

Key words

Brazhnikov readings, Maxim Viktorovich Brazhnikov, Albina Nikandrovna Kruchinina, Department of old Russian singing art of the Saint Petersburg Conservatory, old Russian Church singing culture, singing traditions.

For citation

Dabaeva I. Ways in time of ancient russian singing art: Brazhnikovsky readings are 45 years old // South-Russian musical anthology. 2020. No 2. Pp. 79–87.