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Mirskaya L., Pigulevskiy V.

Archetypal patterns of magic in fairy tales

We analyze archetypes and patterns, or universal patterns of behavior, that are hidden in the depths of the unconscious and recorded in fairy tales. The aim is to identify the dynamics of archetypal patterns of magic on the example of the main character of the fairy tale “The Frog Princess”. The hero’s mission in a fairy tale is a breakthrough to a special state of mind, the source and purpose of which is the Self. All fairy tales contain two vectors, one of which bypasses the collective mythological constant, and the other - seeks to preserve the structural inviolability of the archetype. Fairy tales demonstrate the process of transformation of the soul and social elevation of the hero in special circumstances. The main symbols that frame the development patterns are the Father, who requires the beginning of action, and the water (the frog), which expresses the feminine aspect of the personality. The impetus for the hero’s action, or the magic, occurs in dreams. Magic is a tool for achieving power and developing consciousness. The energy of the Self is realized through certain stages of the hero’s individuation. They are accompanied by symbols of integration of masculine and feminine. These are patterns of food, dance, and the destruction of transformation magic by a complex of domination and pride. Incinerating the skin, the hero loses the feminine. The energy of the Self is drained by the elimination of the magical symbol of transformation. The hero needs a second impulse for individuation. It is given by the energy of the archetype of the spirit. Thanks to the challenges, the young man comes to the integration and awareness of the contents of the unconscious - somatic (bear, hare), mental (pike) and spiritual (duck). When the hero finds himself in a critical situation of confrontation with an immortal Magician, fraught with the destruction of the personality, the conscious aspects of the unconscious help him to win. Victory over the immortal evil spirit means the integration of complexes and the achievement of conuinctio - the union between the masculine and feminine parts of the psyche, that is the formation of a new identity, the Self.

Key words

fairy tale, unconscious, archetype, pattern, individuation, initiation.

For citation

Mirskaya L., Pigulevskiy V. Archetypal patterns of magic in fairy tales // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2020. No. 3. Pp. 113–121.