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Khalitova М.

The way to a great art: composer Ilyas Bakhshysh

The article is the first trial of analysis the orchestral works of the Crimean-Tatar composer I. Bakhshysh (1913 –2000). The researcher offers her culturological vision and evaluation of his work and considers the image of the composer in its interrelation with the time of his life. On the background of the variety of genres and styles of 20th century music, the figure of I. Bakhshysh appears as an example of a traditionally thinking composer, who, by virtue of his skills and abilities, strives to make his contribution to the professional musical art of the Crimean Tatars that began to develop at the beginning of the 20th century. Thus, the purpose of the article is the presentation of composer’s individual style, integration of the folklore material into the orchestral texture of his works, and in this regard, revealing of a synthesis of the national and academic in the analyzed music of I. Bakhshysh. The mentioned synthesis factually predetermines specific features of orchestral heritage by I. Bakhshysh because his works obviously characterized by rhapsodness. Composer’s intention to genre of rhapsody is also conditioned by the combination of his own melodies, themes and images and authentic folk ones, because the composer’s main goal was to bring the intonation sphere of his music as close as possible to the Crimean-Tatar folk intonations. On examples of symphonic works by I. Bakhshysh such as “Overture on Tatar Themes” and “Tatar Rhapsody” the researcher reveals the features of the composer’s individual style, based on national folklore traditions in combination with the separate conceptual inspirations of the late-romantic Russian music (the second half of the 19th – early the 20th centuries). The researcher believes that music by I. Bakhshysh is of interest in aspect of neo-folkloristic and neo-romantic style models refraction in symphonic music.

Key words

I. Bakhshysh, Crimean-Tatar musical folklore, rhapsodness, symphonic music, “Rhapsody on Tatar Themes”, “Tatar Rhapsody”.

For citation

Khalitova М. The way to a great art: composer Ilyas Bakhshysh // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2020. No. 4. Pp. 132–138.