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V. Yunusova

Video in multimedia projects by Tan Dun

The article is devoted to the role of video in the synthesis of expressive means in the three works by the famous Chinese composer Tan Dun, created in the 21st century: “Map” (2002), “Internet Symphony” (2009), “Prayer and Blessing” (2020). On the basis of the scores, video recordings and interviews of the composer, the author analyzes specific techniques of using the video in the works of Tan Dun. In the synthesis of artistic means, music is playing a major role, and musical logic determines the structure of the whole. The shaping function of the video is emphasized and special attention is paid to the use of Internet technologies, which allow to build a global space for a musical work. The article defines a new type of citation – a video quote. In the composer’s works there are dialogues of various levels: East – West, ancient traditions and modernity, dialogue of times: real performance time and the time of the video record, academic music and folk, organic instruments, ancient bells and a symphony orchestra. The synthesis of elements of various cultures and expressive means of various types of art also plays an important role in his music. The composer proclaims the desire to create antifonic music. On the basis of this principle he builds the relationship of the video, soloists, orchestra and other components of the composition. Symbolism (geographical, numerical, color) becomes an essential element of the compositions, helping to reveal the deep meanings of Tan Dun’s music and demonstrating his personal preferences.

Works of Tan Dun are examined in the context of the trends of modern Chinese culture (the ”New Wave“) and the direction of multimedia (audiovisual music) in Western and particularly American music, with which the composer’s creative biography is closely connected.

Key words

dialogues East – West, modern Chinese music, Tan Dun, multimedia technologies, video, dialogues of times, Internet technologies in music, “New Wave”.

For citation

Yunusova V. Video in multimedia projects by Tan Dun // South-Russian musical anthology. 2021. No. 1. Pp. 33–41.