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M. Bleklova

The piano work by Alemdar Karamanov: A beginning of his way

A key role in the formation of the symphonic style and conceptual orientation of Alemdar Karamanov’s music was played by his equally significant piano work. Like many other composers, he turned to this instrument from early childhood to the end of his creative and life path. Trying different musical forms, miniatures, cycles, sonatas, sonatinas, concertos, the composer created a huge panorama of piano works that deserve the close attention of researchers and performers.

The high significance of Karamanov’s piano music is explained by the visual step-by-step development of the musical language from one period to another, as a result of which the composer came to create his main works – religious symphonies. All periods of creative work became stages of Karamanov’s formation as an original modern artist, thinking in philosophical, religious and general art categories.

The pieces created in the early and conservative periods vividly demonstrate the process of formation of Karamanov’s musical language. One of the main facets of his style, neo-romanticism, is reflected in the early miniatures, and later in sonatas and concerts. The traditions of 19th-century composers, especially pianists, made a powerful impact on the young musician. Traits of romantic imagery, aesthetics and features of musical expressiveness, one way or another, are found in all piano works by the composer.

It is important to note the high significance of the new meaningful reference point and the originality of the style that are found in Karamanov’s piano music. For the first time in his work, it was in the field of piano music that we talked about religious imagery, which was further developed in the course of the composer’s symphonic music. The whole universe, reflected in the huge scale of symphonic cycles, was born within the frame of one miniature “Ave Maria”, created during the creative formation of Alemdar Karamanov. The musical language of piano works, based on the achievements of the romantic piano school, gradually began to go beyond imitation and took form in something unique, characteristic of Russian piano tradition.

Key words

Alemdar Karamanov, modernism, piano art, orchestra, religion, periodization, symphonism, romanticism.

For citation

Bleklova M. The piano work by Alemdar Karamanov: A beginning of his way // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2021. № 1. Pp. 70–78.