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T. Kravtsova

Problems of interpreting English-speaking studies on musicology in the Russian language

The article is devoted to some general and particular problems of interpreting studies on musicology. General problems deal with difficulties of combining the scientific and literary styles of writing within one and the same text, and this is connected with a degree of its formality which depends on a certain linguistic tradition. The above-stated combination of styles leads to a difficulty in transferring the given scientific information by means of some descriptive and emotional narration based mainly on the literary style of writing as musicology is absorbed by art more than any other field of science. Hence, musicology needs a great deal of stylistic devices and expressive means which the dry science language is deprived of. A close connection of musicology with art as a whole and the dependence of the former on the latter lead to another general problem of interpretation considered as a must for any interpreter, namely, rather deep knowledge in some allied sciences, at least art and art history. This allows to easily determine the original details on other fields allied to musicology and, therefore, interpret them in the second language without transforming the author’s concept.

The article also provides an analysis of some particular problems of interpreting English-speaking studies on musicology in the Russian language. The first condition of a successful translation and, subsequently, interpretation is knowledge of music art terminology as a whole. The second difficulty lies in a correct correlation of the English terms with the Russian ones, and vice versa, which is connected with some particular research tradition in the corresponding countries more than relies on a simple replacement of a term from language 1 by a term from language 2. Finally, the existence of the American and British variants of the English language is worth considering as it also creates some confusion about terms while translating them from / into the Russian language in a study on musicology.

Key words

problems of interpreting, studies on musicology, terminology, the English language, the Russian language.

For citation

Kravtsova T. Problems of interpreting English-speaking studies on musicology in the Russian language // South-Russian musical anthology. 2021. No. 1. Pp. 86–94.