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М. Khalitova

Vocal works by Ilyas Bakhshysh

The article is the first to consider the vocal work of one of the founders of the Crimean Tatar professional music Ilyas Bakhshysh. The composer’s songs and romances are analyzed in the context of the historical period in which they were composed. The work reveals a variety of genres, the originality of style, which arouse interest as an example of an individual approach to the usage of folk music in vocal works. The author focuses on the composer’s vocal lyric, which seems to be the best achievement of I. Bakhshysh, although the author also analyzes examples of other genres presented in the composer’s collection Sailama Vocal Eserler (Selected Vocal Works). It is also possible to highlight composer’s priorities in choosing thematic spheres for his vocal compositions, among which the dominant ones are associated with love for the Motherland or a woman. The article also considers the organization of the forms of the vocal works, the main principle of which is to follow the poetic text. In this regard, such forms as a complex binary and ternary, a dramatic monologue in the form of several periods, as well as a combination of couplet with two and three parts are highlighted. The author notes that the language of the unique poetry of the Crimean Tatar classics (A. Umera, A. Giraibaya, E. Shemy-Zade, B. Choban-zade, Y. Bolat, R. Murad) also encouraged the composer’s search of new means of expression. This approach to identifying the significance of I. Bakhshysh’s vocal heritage, account for the topicality of the topic.

Key words

vocal music, folklore, intonation, rhythmic features, texture, tonality, harmony, musical form, genres, style features.

For citation

Khalitova М. Vocal works by Ilyas Bakhshysh // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2021. No. 2. Pp. 5–11.