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T. Rudichenko

Genre systems of musical folklore: construction approaches

Justification of the principles of genre systems’ construction is one of the main tasks in the holistic description of traditional music of social groups (ethnic, sub-ethnic, ethnoconfessional, territorial) and in the study of its components - genres, genre cycles, genre and inter-genre types. It allows to move towards understanding of the specifics of their formation, establishing of their types’ composition and place of a particular type in the array of texts, and identifying internal and external connections in the system. The evolution of the category of genre and the theory of systems in musical folklore and ethnomusicology creates prerequisites for a change in the principles of genres construction. The author analyses performances examples that are based on function and carried out with or without taking into account the specifics of their function in the particular environment (performed under certain circumstances, performed under any circumstances; external and internal everyday life for Cossacks’ groups, religious and secular for ethno-confessional groups). It is concluded that in theoretical terms it is obviously necessary to take into account the polygenesis of the genres that form the subsystems, and their different places in the systems of musical folklore of various social groups. In practical terms, the construction and presentation of the structure of the genre system should correlate with the material and the problem of the research and to be based on essential genre characteristics that are formed under the influence of various factors than are characteristic of a culture. There is also an obvious need for testing several ways of organizing folklore material. On the one hand, this allows you to select the most effective systematization principle for the research, on the other – the use of generally accepted models is a prerequisite for the comparison and comparative study of genre systems of musical folklore. The variety of material of local or ethnic traditions, themes and approaches to their exploration make us solve the problem of genre systematization every time anew.

Key words

genre, genre system, musical folklore, systematization, principle of construction, essential feature.

For citation

Rudichenko T. Genre systems of musical folklore: construction approaches // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2021. No. 2. Pp. 52–59.