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O. Putecheva

Sound situation and sound-event in postdramatic performance

The paper examines specific approaches to sound design in the post-dramatic theatre of modern Russian directors A. Moguchy and K. Serebrennikov. The goal is to identify the creative possibilities of different models of sound image creation. Innovative approach to the sound line allows consider it as a constructive factor: sound space becomes a mechanism that encourages development of the action in the performance and a transmitter of the emotional dynamics. At the same time audio symbols assume the functions of semantic codes of the performance. The author referred to such method of analysis as comparison, as well as used hermeneutical approach to understanding visual and audio symbols.

Created with scrupulous thoroughness and ingenuity, the musical part determines the course of situativeness in the dramatic “harmony” or “disharmony”, creates premise for development, indicates turning points and uncovers the deep philosophical levels of the complex polyphonic unity of the work. The nature of the sounding environment acts as a vector that guides thinking process. The specificity of modern sound design is in the dynamics of work both at the micro level, stimulating the mobility and effectiveness of sound points, and at the macro level, conducting stable sound connections through transformations and fluidity.

Audio resources in performances are used widely and in a variety of ways, creating directed sound combinations. There are three models of sound design functioning in a post-dramatic performance: a performance with an off-screen event sequence, where the sound environment acts as a background; a performance of one central event with the participation of a sound element; and a performance of a complex polyphonic interaction of external and internal events, accompanied by music of the corresponding styles and genres.

On the example of these performances, the author shows the versatile possibilities of musical and sound design in the formation of the situative parameters, its active participation in the performance events, which allow us to conclude that the semantic and expressive meanings of the sound environment are enhanced in a complex performative unity.

Key words

situation, event, sound design, post-dramatic theater, A. Moguchy, K. Serebrennikov.

For citation

Putecheva O. Sound situation and sound-event in postdramatic performance // South- Russian Musical Anthology. 2021. No. 3. Pp. 69–75.