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N. Ganul

Towards the problem of composer S. Cortes’ creative method: the origins and ways of evolution

The article is devoted to the creative method and peculiarities of the individual style of Sergei Cortes (1935–2016), one of the leaders of the modern Belarusian school of composition. The focus of research is the ways of formation and evolution of the prominent Belarusian master’s musical poetics. The analysis of the historical and cultural context to be accompanied S. Cortes’ creative formation and prime allows find new semantic shades of his musical texts. The significant aspects of his creative method are considered in the article on examples of vocal and instrumental works, and music for dramatic performances and movies (the 1950s – first half of the 1970s). A special attention is directed to theatricality of thinking which constitutes the genetic basis of S. Cortes’ creative method and the main feature of his composer’s identity. The article deals with the process of theatrical basis crystallization in the works by S. Cortes, reveals the system of “personal” archetypes and artistic ethno-symbols (the themes of memory, the Poet-preacher, Conscience, righteousness, etc.) as the most important constituent of composer’s musical poetics. His own distinctive feature is inclination to the legacy of Belarusian playwrights (A. Dudarev, R. Borodulin, J. Kolаs, V. Korotkevich, K. Krapiva, J. Kupala, M. Tank, I. Shamyakin, etc.) as foundation of the quite a number of works in different genres (oratorio, vocal cycles, romances, genres of applied music). Furthermore, he included national ethno-symbolic in this works, such as citation of folk song melodies, use of individual elements of the folklore system, and the reflection of national mentality. All this contributed to the formation of the image of S. Cortes as the national composer. In general, the chosen complex approach to the phenomenon of composer’s style, as well as understanding of his creative method as a personal category, allows versatile elucidation the various layers and spheres of the author’s “presence” in the musical work.

Key words

Sergei Cortes, composer’s style, creative method, musical poetics, theatricality of thinking, artistic ethno-symbolism.

For citation

Ganul N. Towards the problem of composer S. Cortes’ creative method: the origins and ways of evolution // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2021. No. 3. Pp. 76–82.