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O. Godunova

Poem “The Passion for Anna” by V. Khodosh: on the problem of dialogical relations in sacred music

The purpose of this article is to identify the specifics of the dialogue, dialogical relations, their types and levels in the art work on example of modern Rostov composer V. Khodosh’s heritage. In his poem “The Passion for Anna” which concentrates in itself the principal features of the artist’s individual style there is organic conjunction of the secular and sacred principles to be realized by means of the various dialogues is clearly represented.

One of the types of dialogic interactions within the creative process is self-borrowing which allows the author re-listen to the sound of music material to be used, discover new ideas and meanings. Owing to this, several levels of dialogical relations to be formed in the work are exposed. The first level and the suitable couple of dialogical relations are the author and his creative work. The second level and the adequate couple of dialogue is conjugation between different Christian traditions namely the Western European Catholic and Russian Orthodox. The third level and the appropriate pair is poly-log between secular and sacred cultures, modern and biblical epochs.

The examination of poly-level dialogical relations in “The Passion for Anna” affords the researcher an opportunity of the more comprehension as applied to the composer’s concept. The article deals with the dramatic role of the poem “Requiem” by A. Akhmatova in correlation with two previously written V. Khodosh’s works “Lacrymosa” and “Evening music”. The complex of permanent features inherent in the genre archetype of “Passions” and to be available in “The Passion for Anna” is analyzed by the researcher.

The elucidation of the theoretical aspects of the problem is illustrated by the description of the scenic realizations and comparative analysis of “The Passion for Anna” performing interpretations in the 2000–2010s.

Key words

sacred music, “The Passion for Anna” by V. Khodosh, dialogical relations, self-borrowing, Requiem, Lacrymosa.

For citation

Godunova O. Poem “The Passion for Anna” by V. Khodosh: On the problem of dialogical relations in sacred music // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2021. No. 3. Pp. 133–140.